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Inspection Report – July 20146

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Billy Bear loves going home with the children for weekends away, or helping in the garden.  He arrives in his own special rucksack, has his own blanket to keep him snuggly warm and a diary sheet to record his adventure with your child.

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Estyn Follow Up Report Sept 2013

Allsorts Playgroup was very pleased with the follow-up report carried out by Estyn,  Her Majesty’s Inspectorate for Education and Training in Wales in September 2013.  Please see a selection of the observations from the full report below:

“Attractive walls displays, including many of the words children use in their play and the current topic, enhance and strengthen opportunities for children to develop their early readings skills.  Practitioners use language effectively throughout the session, encouraging children to listen attentively and respond appropriately to a good variety of questions”

“There is a good range of activities available to encourage children to develop their mark-making and early writing skills, both indoors and outdoors…resources are plentiful and of good quality.”

“Children have free access to the indoor and outdoor environment…careful timetabling enables small groups of children to carry out focused tasks in specific areas of the outdoor environment regularly…and improves the quality of interaction with adults”.

“Practitioners take good account of the interests of children when planning topics and activities..using books and interesting items to stimulate children to discuss what they already know about a topic.  They use these ideas well to create mind maps that practitioners display around the room.  This has a positive impact on children’s involvement in and understanding of their learning.”



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This programme has given us an opportunity to reflect and assess the quality of childcare and education based on the National Standards.

It has also allowed us to build upon our excellent methods and practices at the same time giving parents, staff and children an even better experience.

Allsorts Nursery is very pleased to inform you that they has recently passed their Quality Assurance.

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CSSIW Report

We are very pleased to have been given a very positive report by Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales. Inspection took place in December 2010. The report is available in full on the CSSIW website but an excerpt is given below:

“Throughout the inspection the children were busy and happy, with staff members carefully observing and appropriately supporting the children’s play. It was very pleasing to see the adults competently supporting the children’s language and imaginative development. Children’s conversations were encouraged by the imaginative play opportunities, which required them to discuss and negotiate, among themselves. The children were able to ask questions, describe, explain and compare. There was a busy workshop atmosphere where children and adults worked together in partnership and obviously enjoyed each other’s company. A great sense of fun was evident in the setting.”

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